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I Suffered Terrible Back Pain for 3 Months


Discover Proven Back Pain Treatments and Cures That You Won’t Hear About From Your Doctor in this Brand New Book


It was a beautiful autumn day. Leaves of all colors were coming from the trees.


Feeling full of energy I set out to climb my 16 foot ladder to clear my roof gutters.






Suddenly my ladder began to slip off a wet gutter surface. I tried to steady it but it fell backward as I flailed helplessly.


When I hit the ground the pain was immense.


My wife helped me stand up after hearing my cries.


Fortunately I could move and walk but I had a new companion – PAIN!


I was terrified my life would never be the same! From being healthy and very active I felt my back problem would hinder me for the rest of my life. I thought of all the things I used to do:


Long distance hiking




Dexterity in driving an automobile


Indeed the paralyzing pain could shut down all paths to movement.

I was tired of pain controlling my life! I turned to my doctor in desperation as he had mentioned glucosamine and chondroitin as possible solutions for back pain.


What’s more they don’t do much for permanent pain relief and do nothing to reduce inflammation.


All he could offer was medication that would leave be semi comatose for the rest of my life


In desperation I read Journal of Medicine praying for a solution.


Then like a ray of light I read this message from Jesse Cannone. He is a Certified Fitness Trainer – ISSA (1997-2004), Certified Post-Rehab Specialist – NSPA (2000-2004), and Specialist in Performance Nutrition – ISSA (1997-2004) among other credentials.

His work was to focus all his attention on helping the millions of people who struggle with back pain, neck pain and sciatica. Then, with the help of massage therapist Steve Hefferon and a hand-picked board of medical advisors, he created the world’s first self-assessment and self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica sufferers. The system, which is called Lose The Back Pain®, has proven extremely effective and over 55,000 copies have already been sold in over 100 countries.

His message is as follows:
“From: Jesse Cannone

To: Back pain sufferers

Dear back pain sufferer,

In the past 10+ years, we’ve literally helped over 162,000 people in 127 different countries relieve themselves of back pain for good.

We’ve become one of the most highly respected authorities in the world on getting rid of back pain due to our all-natural, safe, holistic, long-term approach to beating back pain forever.

And in that time, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ve learned a few things!

In fact – my team and I recently sat down and wrote out our top 101 back pain tricks. 101 ways to get rid of back pain, many of which most people have NEVER heard of.

These tricks are EASYFASTEFFECTIVE… and the vast majority of them cost either nothing or very little. Because let’s face it.


Your life has been taken over by pain. You might even feel trapped. Helpless. You’re probably even starting to get worried that this may be something you’ll be dealing with for the rest of your life.

So why should YOU have to worry about finding the best way to get rid of your back pain in the fastest, safest, most cost-effective way?

Here’s the good news…You don’t!

Because I’ve put together 101 short, powerful and downright EASY pain relief tricks in a special report which gives you our top 101 ways to get rid of back pain for good. After just a quick read, you won’t have to “guess” at what will work for you.

Instead, you can simply find as little as 2-3 tricks – and try them yourself! No guessing. No researching online. No wasting countless hours at the doctors.

Now, they’ll all be saved for you in your “desktop back pain reference guide” called…

101 Back Pain Relief Tricks: Quick And Easy Ways To FINALLY Beat Back Pain

I want to give you instant access to this special report right now so you can start using these powerful techniques immediately.

Every single one of these has been scientifically proven to deliver temporary or permanent pain relief.

Not only that, I’ve also included many tips which are designed not just to help you lose your pain… but also reduce your stress… lower blood pressure… gain more flexibility and mobility… and even have better sex more often!

Given the information packed in this special report – we could easily sell it for $1 per trick and ask for $101 for it.

Even THAT price is incredible… after all even if you get ONE single idea that you can use out of the 101 in this report… wouldn’t that be worth it for you to live a pain-free life?

But for a limited time I’m going to make you an irresistible offer that I KNOW anybody serious about getting rid of their back pain isn’t going to be able to pass up.

And I’m only temporarily lowering the price for ONE reason.

I recently sat down and figured out that we’ve already helped over 162,000 people from more than 127 countries reduce or eliminate their back pain.

However, I like to shoot for the stars and to me, that’s not enough. My mission is to help over 1 MILLION people reduce or eliminate their back pain – and I want YOU to be one of those million people.

And that’s why… for a limited time I’ve decided to drastically reduce the price in order to make it affordable for ANYBODY reading this page.

So how much is it?

To be completely honest, I’m almost embarrassed to even say this number out loud.

So before I tell you how little I’m asking you to invest, let me first show you a few other tricks you’ll discover inside this special report…

-The “back pain blow torch” technique which brings a whole new meaning of “heat therapy” to reducing back pain! (Don’t worry – no blow torches are actually involved!)

-How to create your own “home health spa in a box” – This takes 2 minutes, costs next to nothing, and is the next-best thing to a hot tub or Jacuzzi!

The “Fabulous Five” ways to save your back, neck and wrist while working.

All of these tips and A LOT more are waiting for you right now.

And here’s the best part.

Getting access to all 101 back pain relief tricks is affordable enough for ANYBODY reading this page to do.

Exactly how much is it?

Regularly $47 | Today Just $17”


In addition although Mr. Canone expressed no urgency to order this information,

pain creates its own urgency.


I thought what have I got to lose? I decided to order the book in the hope

that I could possibly become somewhat better. To my amazement, after

following selected guidelines I was able to get back to hiking, biking, skiing and doing all the things I love to do! Life’s biggest problem solved!


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