Leads Analysis Sample

American Writers &Artists Inc. (AWAI) Circle of Success (COS) week 1 Leads Homework May 25 2015

Mount Home Nutritionals letter review on lead goals

  1. Establish Tone – Target audience elderly, (50+) female and male, Product is presumably medication (taken every day)
  2. Empathy is built with identifying with Maureen in establishing a minimal goal (standing in church) The pictures help put us in her place and experience her as a real person
  3. Building Rapport- Establishing 1st level need – pain alleviation , 2nd level need freedom of mobility and core need feeling of accomplishment and esteem in performing high level household chores
  4. Earning Trust- Dr Williams is introduced as an excellent internationally recognized authority who has established breakthroughs in medical supplements
  5. Big Idea – Take the supplement to address the goals listed in Building Rapport (#2) above
  6. Excitement/commitment is built by promising alleviation of pain, accomplishment of household goals requiring mobility and fallback on Dr. Williams’ ability and qualifications

Missing element in control – while the product is suggested as being taken daily, it might be enhancing to suggest potential duration of dosage (30 days, 6 months, etc.


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