American Writers &Artists Inc. (AWAI) 6 Figure Course Revised restaurant Sales Letter 5 Guys

Revised restaurant letter 5 Guys

The most flavorful, specially prepared, top notch burger you’ll love – right now!

Dearest Alex:  Now that you will reach age 13 next week, it’s time to satisfy those refrigerator-raiding and food-creating urges at a specialty restaurant that will blow you away!

Please respond to my e-mail to meet tomorrow, Friday at 5 pm at the most enterprising restaurant in America where the service cooks carry on the teamwork tradition of the founding five guys. A teaming operation to rival your soccer team. Your choices generally are cooked to order in five minutes or less and can be brought to your table on request.

Upon arrival meet the main event.  Here comes the super delicious bacon cheeseburger sandwich that contains up to fifteen fillings and comes with two cheese patties.  The fresh cooked, never frozen, choice all beef patties can be separated with a requested plastic fork and knife, resulting in two open face sandwiches.  Each sandwich has a different variety of fillings and is just as satisfying as two regular sandwiches using an unneeded carb loaded bun.

There is much more! Peanuts are offered free of charge.  Instead of purchasing fries, the peanuts cooked in cholesterol-free peanut oil have fewer carbohydrates and are just as filling. This results in greater taste, greater economy and fewer carbohydrates for a meal.

That’s just the beginning!  If you have a yen for the French fries, you can’t beat these!  The potatoes arrive on a varied shipping schedule from such locations as Prince Edward Island, Georgia and Idaho ensuring taste variety.  They are then processed on the premises and fried in healthy peanut oil with the skin left on.  This provides a vitamin rich rustic country flavor which welcomes the options of lightly salted and Cajun seasonings.

Not satisfied with just a burger? There are additional offers such as kosher all beef hot dogs, creamy grilled cheese sandwiches and the newly added BLT sandwich featuring the low fat, low sodium crisp bacon.  All are eligible for any combination of the fifteen toppings mentioned with the bacon cheeseburger.

Drinks?  Prepare for a tasty thirst-quenching explosion! There is a selection of over 20 sodas, teas and lemonades.  Sub flavors can be added such as exotic lime, vine orchard fresh raspberry and creamy vanilla.

This place zings!  Here are a few well deserved accolades:

The freshest, best tasting burger ever!  Takes me back to burgers I have eaten on country picnics. Options of any or all of crunchy lettuce, luscious tomatoes, tangy onions, crisp pickle slices, snappy jalapeno slices and full bodied condiment dressings!  – Malcolm K

ZAGAT Survey Rated – Since 2001

Rated #1 burger for lunch in NYC – Time out New York

Willie Wonka’s of burger craft – Washington Post

I have two discount coupons offering $3.00 off any items ordered.  They expire tomorrow night.  NOW is the time to say YES! To my invitation, respond to my e-mail and meet with me at 5:00 P.M.  tomorrow, savor the best burger ever and let flavor be your guideline!

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