American Writers &Artists Inc. (AWAI) 6 Figure Course Sample 1 Long Sales Copy Letter


Dear Dog Lover,

Remember that terrible month in 2007 when more than 1,600 dogs died from contaminated treats?

The problem isn’t old news…

By April 1, 2015, the FDA had received over 6,000 complaints of food related illness and death in dogs. How can this be? Because the FDA never took action.

No Fines, No Apologies, No Changes in Quality Control Regulation.

That means we, as pet owners, have to take matters in our hands. We love our dogs, we want to make informed choices, and we want to stop having to worry…

  •  Is there a way we can trust dog food ingredients, and never have to stand in the store reading fine print again?
  • Can we find out what Nutrition Labels don’t tell us?  
  • Can we find trustworthy markets and stop spending our time chasing down recall alerts every day, and always stress that we may have missed one?


Knowledge IS power, and it’s a matter of life and health for your dog.


Take a moment today to learn how you can be confident and at ease. You can simplify and trust your choices, and relax and enjoy your canine companion’s healthy, natural life.


Thank you for making sure you know what is best for your Best Friend’s health,

He’s counting on you to care!

Click Here to Learn 2 simple changes that will improve your dog’s health, (Natural and Organic)

With kindest regards,

Bill and Terry Jones

Grayslake, IL




– Today’s Dog Food Recall Rates are Alarming…  According to FDA Meta Trade data, nine lots comprising 360,000 lbs dog food were recalled in 2014




Dear Friend,

As the person who is responsible for the nutritional health and care of your dog, you want the most accurate information available in the vast panorama of dog food and treat markets.  Toxic substances in dog food ingredients have proven to cause chronic and acute illness, and even be deadly to your dog.

Learn today how to trust what your dog’s food is made from, and make simple  changes that will add years of love to both your lives.

We are providing you with vital information in this letter.  Information that might lead you to discovering


Knowing the facts and how to avoid the dangers will reduce your own stress caused by fears of contaminated foods and toxic chemicals, your dog’s gastric upsets and costly laboratory and vet bills.  You can be at ease in knowing that you have options, and you can choose to never have to worry that our dog’s illness will be caused by an unknown ingredient or toxin showing up in his food ever again.


Because the single most important thing we can do for the health and longevity of our dogs is to ensure them a proper diet, we pay attention to the labels and content lists on the package.

But what do they really tell us about the ingredients themselves?


Guaranteed Analysis Labeling, required by the FDA,

does not guarantee quality.


A standard dog food analysis might look like this:


Fat- 18%

Fiber- 3%

But, if you were to grind together an old leather boot covered in motor oil, throw in a length wooden fence post, and take that mix to a laboratory …

The resulting Guaranteed Laboratory Analysis would be identical to this.


So how can we trust what’s in the bag?

Today, commercial pet foods are mostly companies owned by large, multi-national corporations.  Often, these animal feed industries are looking at their profits more closely than at their quality standards and responsibility to the consumer.


But what we can do is step out of the smoke screen created by conventional dog food markets, consider the facts, and make informed choices about the care of our dogs.

You can be confident and at ease, understand your options, and you can relax and enjoy your canine companion’s happy, healthy, and naturally long life. 

The Dangers Today and How to Protect Your Dog Now —

Understanding Canine Nutrition and Finding Trustworthy Sources


What is better about organic and natural ingredients?


Studies have proven significant health benefits to your dog will come from


That’s why we need to make positive changes in our dog’s diet NOW, not later.


Do we know if the treats we are rewarding our dogs with are healthy and safe?


The FDA says it is still receiving complaints about dog treats, having processed more than 10,000 of them between October 2013 and March 31, 2014. Roughly 60 % of the cases involve some sort of gastrointestinal distress or liver disease, while 30 % involve kidney disease; the remaining 10 % neurological and skin disorders and other conditions.


Shockingly… 15 % have tested positive for Fanconi syndrome…leading to chronic illness and death. One of the causes of Faconi Syndrome is exposure to heavy metals.

  • Toxic Pesticides, Salmonella, Mold, Heavy Metals, Fertilizers,
  • Steroids, Synthetic Hormones, Residual Antibiotics, GMO’s…

Any And All Of These Could Be In Your Dog’s Dish Today


Thanks to devoted efforts to ensure that pets could have reliably wholesome food, We can answer the questions about safe and healthy dog foods, and provide solutions.



Bill and Terry Jones of Grayslake, Illinois, started making their own recipes for dog foods and treats at home.  They did the research and consulted countless Canine Nutrition experts. They personally witnessed the health improvements in their own dogs in real time!


They, just like you and me, need to trust that they are being just as conscious of the food they give their dogs as the food they put on their family’s dinner table.

They created the homemade recipes they call

Furry Friends Naturals and Puptastic Dog Treats


Today, Bill and Terry share their home in Grayslake with four very happy, very healthy dogs. They share a commitment with you to offer our dogs clean, wholesome and natural food and treats made from chemical free, locally produced and organically grown ingredients.


What’s in a name?…

Terry and Bill Jones got the idea to start their natural pet products business in 1990. Under the name Furry Friends Naturals, their premium organic dog foods have a proven track record that Veterinarians and Canine Specialists recognize as top quality in today’s market…


“I’ve been using Furry Friends Naturals Dog Foods since 1991, and still do today. I can trust their ingredients to remain consistent, and that is crucial when dealing with allergies.  Their products are less pricey than most other allergy specific Prescription labels.”                                                                                                                                                          ~A. Dodson


The Jones family values the mutual benefits of working with local organic farmers, and local ranchers who are their meat and poultry producers. They started the business because they wanted a natural food alternative for their own dogs, and that level of care and concern for animal health and well-being is why they maintain their high standards today.

Furry Friends Naturals has never had to recall one single lot of their products.

That’s honest quality.


“… I respect that you work with local farms that you inspect yourself.  Our dogs are truly our best friends, and we won’t feed them anything less than human-grade ingredients.  This includes treats. Thank you so much for producing a quality product for our pups.”                        ~F. Bolton


**—–insert small photo of Terry Jones with Ella and Puppalou, right side of page—–**


Diets Prescribed for Dogs with Food Allergies….


“My dog’s food allergies were a nightmare until my new vet recommended Furry Friends food and Puptastic Treats. The big companies alter the ingredients enough from batch to batch, she would often react to a new bag. Now I don’t have to worry about it at all, not even with the treats. And it’s affordable too -Thank you!”                                             ~B.S. Walker


Stay with a Safe and Dependable Recipe…

Puptastic Treats are always consistent. We never change the proportions of our ingredients.


We provide nutrition with consistent quality ingredients, made by people that we can trust. We go the extra mile to accurately label recipe ingredients; you may need to know exactly what is in your dog’s diet, and we are happy to tell you.


Puptastic treats are Non GMO,


“It’s so nice not to have to poke additional supplements down my little Chihuahua any more, or futilely hide them in food, trying to avoid the wrestling match! Thank you for making Puptastic Treats complete with all of the essential nutrients.  Now I just have the fun of giving her what she loves, and she loves me right back for it!”                                             ~G Brown



The special benefits of Vitamin E…

“I love being able to offer my dog treats and know that they are good for her! We have little games we play and she likes to learn tricks to earn a treat. She has really good manners because I used treats to train her.  Being able to offer her them freely is another way I can show her how much I love her. Thank you for that”                                                ~W. Kent


Treats are excellent training tools…

Bill Jones’ hobby is to train with his 2 Labrador retrievers to compete in Field Trial competitions. He found, as most owners have, that the most effective way to train dogs is to reward them with ample praise and timely tasty treats that the dogs love.  He has consulted with the following authority in training techniques:

Tina McCain


Working Dogs Need Energy Food…

When Bill trains his dogs in the field, he needs to offer them adequate protein to sustain their energy and stamina between their regular meals.  Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats are balanced and complete, with 29% protein from farm raised organic poultry, lamb and beef, so Cass and Riley achieved optimum growth as puppies, and they maintain strong, lean muscle as adults.


**—–insert small photo of Bill with the Labradors, right side of page—–**


“One of the most enduring friendships in history – dogs and their people, people and their dogs .”

~Terry Kay

Puptastic Treats are a compliment to a good diet…

~add no extra fat. The only oil added is the Vitamin E.

Puptastic Treats are “air-baked” using a special process that “puffs” them in to a smooth, crisp bite.  Because of this unique method, you can reward your dog with treats more often without worrying about over-feeding or throwing their diet out of balance.

“Obesity is more life threatening in dogs than people because they metabolize differently than Humans.  I’m glad to see a high quality, low fat treat on the market like Puptastic.”                           ~L.C. Peterson, DVM

Puptastic Treats are perfect for overweight dogs, because they can still receive their rewards without ruining their weight-loss program. 


At Furry Friends Natural Products, we promise safe and reliable sources

for all Puptastic Naturals Dog Treat ingredients.


**insert photo of calm, huggy dog with woman— with this caption:

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.   For me they are a role model for being alive.”      Gilda Radner

“One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is to take my dog for a walk in the City Park.  Simone is friendly and people love to stop and pet her and chat for a moment. I always have a few Puptastic Treats in my pocket to reward her along the way, this keeps her on her very best behavior! I feel proud to be accompanied by my well mannered companion”                     ~L. Sherwood.


Today we are offering you and your dog  All  5 flavors of Puptastic Naturals

Absolutely FREE!


But first, we’d like you to know about:

Our Standards of Excellence and Our Promise To You….

All of our


“We have worked hard to earn these certifications that prove our quality. That’s who we are. We’re committed to honest, truthful advertising and ethical marketing practices.”

~Terry & Bill Jones, Furry Friends Naturals


Recommended by veterinarians…

“I’m very impressed with the integrity of your business and I recommend Puptastic Naturals to all of my clients looking for healthy treats for training or just anytime. We’re proud to be one of the first veterinary clinics to carry your products, especially since we offer holistic and alternative pet care in addition to traditional medicine.  We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals is on the top of our list of recommended treats.”                           ~ S. Karovski, DVM


If you’re like me, you read the dog food labels as closely as your people-food labels…


It’s the Quality that counts…

That’s why all 5 recipes of Puptastic Naturals Treats are made with care in our own kitchen, under the same FDA standards and regulations as a human-quality food kitchen.


–insert small photo of bill with a farmer at a farm–

Bill Jones promises his customers:

“We personally visit the local farms where we buy our poultry, meat and vegetables, and routinely inspect them to make sure the quality remains at its highest standard.”


It’s important to know your farmer and producer . Please visit our website and meet the farmers and ranchers who supply our 100% natural and organic ingredients sources!


We Promise You:

No imported meat protein, No artificial colors, No artificial flavors, No Drug residue or synthetic growth hormones,  No toxic pesticides, No herbicides,

No GMO’s, No gluten, No artificial preservatives …EVER!


Puptastic Naturals are always 100% Guaranteed!  You AND your dog must be completely satisfied with the quality and packaging of our products.


Guaranteed Freshness….

The beneficial Vitamin E oil in our foods naturally preserves freshness. We guarantee that Puptastic Naturals will arrive fresh on the shelf at your quality pet supplies store or Veterinary clinic, or when you order them directly to your home from our online store.

We carefully date each package so you know that the quality and freshness are guaranteed!


No Artificial Coloring or Flavoring, No Artificial Anything!

Most dog food and treats are flavored by mixing salty chemical flavorings with the fats and then spraying it on the bits after they have been processed.  That’s why they commonly feel greasy and have a, sometimes strong and unpleasant, odor.


Puptastic’s Guaranteed Natural Flavor….

In order to offer FIVE tail-wagging flavors without adding any artificial flavoring or colorants,

We do something unique!

Through a process of gentle distillation, we are able to concentrate 100% natural flavors from the poultry and meat ingredients that make up the treats themselves. The flavors are real and distinct. And because we bake the flavor right into the treats, they are almost completely odorless (to humans, that is!), and we can maintain our consistent base recipe.

Choose from 5    Tail-Wagging Flavors….

* 100% Natural Chicken

* 100% Natural Turkey

* 100% Natural Lamb

* 100% Natural Beef

* 100% Natural Beef Liver


Let your Best Friend try them all!

Take advantage of our limited time free offer!


**——insert (click here) to order page——-**


We Guarantee good taste and quality…. for free!

For a limited time, to a limited number of dog loving people like you, we are giving away a 30oz 5 flavor sampler package of Puptastic Naturals tasty, nutritious treats!


Veterinarian recommended for puppies, adults and older dogs alike. Bite-sized pieces suit all breeds of dogs, 3 lbs and up. Crunchy texture helps freshen breath and keep teeth white and clean! Our unique air-bake method makes them crunchy for healthy teeth and gums, yet easy to chew for tiny and older dogs.


Here’s Today’s Special Offer, with absolutely NO RISK to you…

Sorry, you just won’t find Puptastic Naturals quality in grocery chains or box stores!


Puptastic Treats are economical

(compared to VitaBonetm).


We have an easy order page prepared for you, so you can give your dog a chance to try Puptastic Treats at No Risk To You, and also receive a

Sampler Package of all  5 flavors, Absolutely Free


PLUS…As our thanks to you for making positive changes in your dog’s diet today, we will give you  FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING if you order within 5 days!



Order now and start your dog on the path to

better health and a long, happy life with

PUPTASTIC NATURALS , the 100% wholesome, natural Dog Treats.

Organically grown ingredients, lean protein, fortified with vitamins and minerals – BALANCED and COMPLETE NUTRITION!


And we GUARANTEE your dog will love them…

Or your money BACK on the box you purchase!  And you get to keep the 30 OZ FREE SAMPLER Package and give your dog the chance to try ALL 5 FLAVORS and find the ones he DOES love!

Please click on the banner below to go to the secure order page on our website and take advantage of our very special offer for you…

Ø  Order a 32 oz Box of Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats for the low price of $16.99

With our 100% money back guarantee


Ø  Receive a coupon for a box of FIVE, 6oz packages of all 5 Natural Flavors

A $20.00 value Absolutely FREE


Ø  Plus FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING when you order today!


_____(in line click = Yes! I’ll try a box with a full money-back guarantee)__________


“Thank you for joining us as informed, responsible dog lovers, and making the choice to do the very best you can do for your very best friends!”


Bill and Terry Jones, and the Puptastic Family


Furry Friends Natural Products & Puptastic Naturals

105 Sundog Rd., Grayslake, Il 98290 (800)-222-2222


We’re pretty sure that you not only care about your dog, there’s a place in your heart for all animals; we feel you will be happy to join us in a meaningful and important cause…

Ø A Very Special Gift Given in Your Name


Order today and we will partner with you to help stop animal abuse and abandonment–


We Know You Genuinely Care.

Join the Puptastic Naturals family in saving and improving the lives of homeless dogs across the country, and help be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Please Hurry, we only have a limited time for this opportunity!


“Dogs come in to our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss.  A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart.  If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big….”                                                                                                                                                                                                             ~ unknown author

The dogs are waiting!

Order Today and receive 30 ounces of FREE Treats

and assist the ASPCA in helping homeless dogs across the nation!


—–insert (click here to place your order) to order page——


Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about your dog’s diet.

To speak with our Canine Dietician (or order by phone) please call-1-800-222-2222

Monday thru Friday, 9am to 6pm EST

Great friendships begin with a wagging tail!

Welcome to the Puptastic Naturals Community!



Puptastics Order Page  

 Order Today and Create the World Your Dog Deserves!

___ YES, Bill and Terry…I can’t wait to see my dog loving life, with strong muscles and bones, and a beautiful coat. Please send me Puptastics Treats so he will “smile from ear to ear”!

Be sure to send me the FREE Trial Sampler Coupon, a $20 value and the Pet Calendar , mine to keep no matter what.

___ I am responding within 10 days, so send me the FREE booklet: “52 Fun & Easy Dog Tricks” mine to keep.


Please mark quantity of box(es) next to flavor:

____Beef     ____Chicken     ____Lamb     ____Turkey     ____Liver

____ Box(es) X $16.99 = ________

Shipping & Handling =      + $7.99

                    Total = $____________

Method of Payment:

____ Enclosed is my check (made payable to Furry Friends Natural Products) for $________

____ Please charge my credit card       ___VISA      ___MasterCard      ___American Express

Card Number__________________________________________

Exp. Date___________


Or order online at





Phone No__________________

In case we have questions about your order.

Please return this form with your payment to:

Furry Friends Natural Products

333 S. Lake St.

Grayslake, Illinois 60030


– – – – – – – – – – Cut Along Dotted Line To Keep For Your Records – – – – – – – – –

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee


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Of all the ingredients in Puptastic Naturals, perhaps the most important is Vitamin E. Let me tell you why …

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